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Accurate advice, prompt and efficient service and a positive commitment to meeting and exceeding the customer’s needs are of prime importance for us.

"Let the outside perfectly represent what's inside"

Despite advertising, the vast majority of all purchase decisions by the consumer are taken directly at the shelf. The packaging is therefore an important stimulus for product success.

"Let the outside perfectly represent what's inside" is therefore one of our corporate principles. With modern printing technology, an appetizing content can readily be visualized.

Moreover, modern packaging must be all-rounders. They must be functional and attractive. Their hygiene and transport security is just as important as to minimize environmental impact. Our packaging solutions meet those demands, and a few more.

For instance, we rely for our IML and Thermoform packaging mainly on polypropylene plastic (PP). Polypropylene is easy and food safe, and it is the best one to be printed and recycled. We produce the original film on advanced extruders. In doing so, we use only high-quality granular. This guarantees you good barrier properties against external influences such as light, moisture and air for your product. With qualitative foil packaging, we in turn can produce packaging with a low net weight. And that pays off- for the environment, as well as for the costs of transportation and recycling.


Timestrip® accurate, low-cost, innovative time and temperature sensitive indicators

Timestrip® accurate, low-cost, innovative time and temperature sensitive indicat

We’re revolutionizing time and temperature monitoring in Healthcare, Cold Chain Logistics, Filtration, Consumables, Personal Care and Food Service markets.
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