Product Segments


We offer a wide product range for all major food industries with emphasize on the Ice Cream, Fine Foods, Dairy & Candy Markets.

Our general product options compass:

Boxes and lids of 50 ml – 30.000 ml with safety lock:

  • Fail-safe up to –40 C°
  • Different variants


  • Without Labeling
  • Part Labeling
  • Banderoles
  • Total Labeling


  • Dull or Orange Peel
  • Semi gloss
  • High gloss


  • Round
  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • Octogonal

Beside our wide standard product range, we offer our expertise for tailor made packaging solutions adapted to your individual needs. Let us convince you of the quality of our products!

Thermoform Products

We specialize in the production of 4 thermoform product groups:

  • High spreads/ Margarine cups
  • Joghurt cups
  • Trays for meet products
  • Salad packaging

A good example of market-and consumer-friendly packaging is our cup for margarine and other high spreads. The long-standing cooperation with major producers of margarine has let us become one of the leaders in this segment as. With the result that more and more spreads come in IIC cups on the table of consumers.

Our joghurt cups excel by ensuring freshness and heat resistance with easy handling. A perfect seat cover ensures against leakage of fluids. One point that consumers appreciate.

Our trays for meet products and salad packaging is available in many different forms and sizes. All combine highest quality standards with an appealing design.

For all product types, labeling up to 9 colours is possible.

Closure Systems

A brand new development from IIC is PP closure systems. Developed specifically for the food industry and suitable for a wide range of applications from toothpaste through to mustard and juice, our new advanced technology can be used for any liquid to semi-solid product and represents a real advance within the plastics industry.

Produced via a two step rotary injection process (the valve is injected out of TPV, which is a themoplastic vulcanisate). This is both a quick and easy process which allows us to achieve significant cost advantage against the current competition in this sector. The valves form a self-sealing membrane that prevent drips and spills to maximize the consumer experience in all types of applications – including food, beverage, personal care and household.

Products are therefore:

  • Leak-proof
  • Easy-to-use
  • Superior flow control
  • Allow precise one-handed dispensing
  • Are essential to inverted applications

Timestrip® accurate, low-cost, innovative time and temperature sensitive indicators

Timestrip® accurate, low-cost, innovative time and temperature sensitive indicat

We’re revolutionizing time and temperature monitoring in Healthcare, Cold Chain Logistics, Filtration, Consumables, Personal Care and Food Service markets.
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