IML and Thermoform Technology

manufacturing and decoration processes

An increasingly competitive marketplace means that effective design of plastic packaging product is extremely vital in relation to advertising, marketing, and ultimately, sales.

This is where the In-Mould Labelling process provides an excellent alternative to conventional decoration techniques. In-Mould Labelling is a highly advanced decoration method for plastics, in which the prefabricated plastic label is positioned directly into the mould by a special handling robot. The result is a decorated end product completed in a single process - with no need for subsequent labelling or printing.

The IML Technology is suitable for a multitude of container geometries i.e. almost any shape from round to polygonal.

Advantages of using IML Technology:

  • IML convinces by the outstanding quality of decoration which cannot be achieved by either offset or gravure printing.
  • With the IML Process it is possible to decorate all five outer surfaces of the container in one single operation.
  • No contamination of the product due static charging.
  • IML enables the production of decorated and packed containers in one operation. Internal transport and intermediate storage are eliminated.


Thermoforming is a manufacturing process that forms thermoplastic sheet, film into a usable product.

Specifically, it is a moulding process, where flat plastic sheets or film from a role or an epoxy coated onto a material or composite are converted into formed and finished merchandise. The sheet or film is then heated in an oven to its forming temperature, then stretched into or onto a mould and cooled.

Thermoforming differs from injection moulding and other forms of processing plastics,and is primarily used in the manufacture of disposable cups, containers, lids, trays,blisters, clamshells, and other simple products with large radii.

Process Characteristics:

  • Uses thin thermoplastic sheet, film, or epoxy coated material.
  • Plastic is heated before being moulded.
  • Can produce simple shapes with large radii.
  • Finished product isn’t uniform thickness.
  • Uses external force to push moulds together...

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