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Our company never stands still. A stream of innovative products is constantly leaving the factory, new employees enrich us with their specialist knowledge, pioneering partnerships are formed and people in need benefit from our social commitment. Here you can look forward to the opportunity of gaining a wide variety of impressions of the latest developments at IIC.


All products are also available from bio-based and biodegradable plastics derived from sugar cane, corn, cassava, olive seeds and more.



Yoplait is one of the best-known yoghurt brands in the world. Stuart Mills is the owner of the brand, which is the sixth largest food producer worldwide and one of the most lucrative corporations in the USA with turnover of 16.7 billion dollars. Our remit was to make extremely robust yoghurt pots that made excellent handling possible, whilst seamlessly integrating the brand design in the outer layer of the product. The cooperation was characterised by a high degree of trust and friendly communication. The customer would also like to fall back on the expertise of IIC for forthcoming projects.


Exclusive development for Mondelez

For American food corporation Mondelez we implemented the Christmas theme in the form of a durable, high-quality decorated packaging for sweets. The in-mould labelling process was used, whereby the labels are inserted into the injection mould and are back-injected with plastic.


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