Case study 4

Optimisation of transport and storage efficiency


Starting situation

We have been manufacturing high-volume cylindrical tanks for a customer in England for many years. In order to reduce the costs of logistics, the transport and storage efficiency were to be optimised.


Chocolate manufacturer


Optimisation of transport and storage efficiency


With the aid of a detailed analysis, the influential factors that determine transport and storage efficiency were determined. An optimised version of the geometry was developed using state of the art CAD systems. The packaging properties were able to be gradually optimised using realistic prototypes. The final version was then transferred to a series production-like sample tool. We were then able to manufacture the larger quantities of samples (> 50,000), which were needed for production line tests at the customer side. After successful optimisation, the final geometry was transferred to the series production tools.


The transport and storage efficiency was improved by 35% thanks to the modified tub geometry.

Customer benefit

The new packaging reduced transport and storage costs dramatically, and also led to increased productivity for the customer because 35% fewer palettes needed to be handled. The fact that fewer transports were required reduced C02 emissions by 250 tons per annum.


Improvement to

  • transport and storage efficiency
  • Productivity
  • CO2 reduction