Case study 5

Function optimisation

Starting situation

Our customer uses oval packaging made by a competitor with a tamper-proof seal for its ready-made soups. The customer is dissatisfied with the appearance (self-adhesive label) and the sealing properties of the packaging. Two different lids are used for hot and cold filling.


Ready-made soup manufacturer


Improvement of appearance and sealing properties


To completely redesign the packaging. A high distinguishing characteristic and good recognition were to be achieved by having a unique design. The appearance should be improved by using IML. To simplify the scheduling and manufacturing processes, only one lid should be used for both hot and cold filling. Adjustments to the customer's filling systems should be avoided.


The basic oval shape of the packaging was retained so that the filling systems did not require modifications. However, the body of the tub was designed with a recessed grip in order to improve the handling and also increase the recognition value.

The tamper-proof seal and the associated lid geometry were completely redeveloped so that the wide range of soup processing temperatures could be covered. The fit of the lid and the sealing were optimised in several steps using sample tools to achieve watertightness on the one hand and provide a valve function to prevent overpressure on the other.

The self-adhesive labels were replaced by a full-surface sleeve-type IML label. By using a transparent film and special counter-typography, a brilliant print result was achieved that was also extremely scratch and wear resistant.


The packaging has a higher quality appearance than its predecessor. The sealing was significantly improved. The two different lids for hot and cold filling were replaced with a universal lid without compromising functionality.

Customer benefit

The sales figures were increased significantly by the unique appearance at the POS. Customer satisfaction was increased due to the improved sealing and handling of the packaging.

Scheduling and manufacture were simplified by using a universal lid. The productivity of the filling system was significantly increased by dispensing with the self-adhesive label.


Improvement to

  • The sealing properties of the lid
  • Sales figures
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Productivity