Global delivery chain

On-time delivery – worldwide

The entire planet is our playing field. Supply chain managers ensure that your products run through every stage of value creation on time.

The delivery chain makes or breaks the business. This is because the most important areas of a company such as purchasing, sales, manufacturing and logistics are interlinked in it. The route of your product from material procurement to manufacturing and product delivery dispatch are strictly monitored at IIC. We deliver all over the world and maintain established relationships with suppliers and logistical service providers.

Our high-quality products are appreciated by business customers and end customers in the United States, England, Brazil, Japan or Australia, i.e. worldwide. We solve logistical requirements quickly and professionally and cope with ecological and social demands.

Close to the product, close to the customer: You can rely on continuous and on-time delivery and supply chain management without frontiers.


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Zentrale / Headquarters
Bertoldstrasse 65
79098 Freiburg

Tel: + 49 (761) 20 85 20
Fax: + 49 (761) 20 85 210


Niederlassung / Office
Church Street
M30 0LH, The Old Town Hall
Great Britain

Tel: +44 161 786 1634
Fax: +44 161 707 4249

IIC AG Australia Pty Ltd.

Niederlassung / Office
PO Box 880, Mount Waverley,    
Victoria 3149

Tel: +61 401 508 083

IIC AG Hong Kong Ltd.

Niederlassung / Office
F Tak Cheung Bld.
22-24 Wing Lok Street 
Sheung Wan 
Hong Kong

Tel: +86 139 01035652