Made-to-measure packaging

We are the specialists for made-to-measure packaging!

Custom development

As a specialist in the manufacture of plastic packaging, we love new challenges. Because of our experience and knowledge, your individual requirements can be reliably fulfilled. Experts from different departments are available to you to provide assistance. They will help you to obtain an integrated view of projects.

You can look forward to obtaining competent advice about the systematic implementation of your order.

Step by step, you get closer to your goal of obtaining packaging which meets your requirements exactly.


Going in the right direction

The route to the eventual product is determined in the design phase. For this reason, employees from many different departments such as sales, construction, production, controlling and quality control are involved. A great deal of discussion takes place and opinions and possibilities are exchanged, with the goal of defining the framework conditions for the eventual product. Financial, ecological, technical, sensory and legal aspects are taken into consideration.


A glimpse of the future

The groundwork has been laid. Now we use CAD to create three-dimensional impressions. Our experts see how the product behaves in the room on the screen. Important data is generated. Other steps can be planned and initiated quickly and cost-effectively using the realistic three-dimensional display. It will soon be time for series production.


A wise foresight

We like to be methodical, and don’t leave anything to chance. For this reason, our specialists are now pondering in front of the computer in order to determine the process capability of the different components. Injection times, melting points, warping tendency, air pockets and flow behaviour are predicted using innovative simulation programs.


Getting an exact impression

Rapid prototyping starts where meaningful results can no longer be achieved using 3D CAD visualisation. The main focus is on the component: Starting with the 3D CAD data record, we create master models in order to obtain tactile impressions. The results which are achieved are used in order to drive forward the development process with a view to the end product – saving both time and money.


Building blocks for success

Depending on the requirement, the raw materials and therefore the characteristics of the plastic are determined at an early stage. Even at this stage we can see where we are going, because the plastic that is chosen influences the design of the remaining processes. It is important for us to be state of the art as far as material developments are concerned. We therefore speak to suppliers who share our high quality demands at regular intervals. It is also possible to have optimised types of plastic developed specially for our needs and put them to use.


Monitoring pays off

We would be pleased to construct sample tools for you which can be used in comprehensive product and process tests. The results of this are extremely valuable – on the one hand, the product characteristics can be improved, and on the other hand familiarity with the eventual series product increases. We recommend that you have a sample tool produced, particularly with complex developments. If you are undecided at this point, we would be pleased to provide you with more detailed advice about the advantages and disadvantages.


Giving the process an identity

We like to be creative. This step will meet this requirement, because one thing is particularly important in order to have consistently high product quality: a manufacturing process that is exactly coordinated with the moulded part. This coordination is carried out by internal specialists. You can look forward to innovative process solutions which are identified quickly and are effective at the same time.


Down to the last cent

We are not only engineers, but also business people – we therefore keep a close eye on the costs. The completed development of the product concepts and potential technological implementations are the basis for a calculation. Our controlling employees compare the costings down to the last cent. As a result, the developments which have the biggest cost/benefit effect can be identified.


The series production tool in use

The time has finally come: High quality packaging and thin-walled solutions are being manufactured from the raw materials in mass production. You can rely on the fact that we produce and use production tools that perform your work in a cost-efficient and highly effective way, characterised by precision, robustness and durability. We would like to to orientate ourselves to this high standard in order to provide you with qualitative added value. Brilliant minds, highly-technical processes – your competitive advantage.


The last step: delivery

In the supply chain, the most important areas of a company such as purchasing, sales, production and logistics are linked. We therefore put particular value on the testing and monitoring of the individual stages. Specialised supply chain managers keep an eye on distances of more than 1,000 kilometres. Our high-quality products are valued by business customers and end customers in the United States, England, Brazil, Japan or Australia, i.e. worldwide. We deal with logistical challenges quickly and professionally, and cope with ecological and social demands.



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