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IIC is one of the leading packaging companies for individual and environmentally friendly packaging. As a packaging supplier with sales structures in Great Britain, Australia, Singapore and Japan, IIC develops unique injection moulded, thermoformed and cardboard packaging for all important sectors of the food industry. We are a Food packaging company with 29 years of experience, technological know-how from the future and excellent quality for the present.

IIC AG as packaging manufacturer

As food packaging manufacturer, IIC AG is convincing in terms of quality, technology, costs and the environment. Through our extensive experience as packaging manufacturer, we offer innovative packaging for food products in various materials and forms. We are packaging manufacturer for innovative and environmentally friendly packaging.


One Product, Many Possibilities

With an impressive range of packaging options, we are happy to offer improvements in sustainability, product quality and cost. The following materials available for your packaging are:

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24 - 26 September 2024
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12 - 13 February 2025

Packaging Innovations & Empack, Birmingham/UK

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Exclusive Development for Mondelez

Differentiation in the retail trade:

For Mondelez, the packaging brief demanded a new product to be eye-catching, stimulating and impressive at first glance.

We achieved this through the use of a unique label format combining both Gloss IML and Matt IML. The round tub with a distinctive 3D look offers a real impact at the Point of Sale. Do you want packaging that catches the eye? The possibilities are endless!

Resource-Saving Packaging

With our weight-reduced PP/PET packaging, we were able to significantly reduce the proportion of plastic by using the removable carton. The packaging for meat, fish and ready meals is easy to recycle, provides a large printable area for your design and was awarded as one of 20 top innovations in the field of sustainable packaging by Packaging World magazine.

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Innovative Yoghurt Tub for Yoplait

Yoplait are one of the worlds most famous international yoghurt brands.

Owned by Stuart Mills, the world's sixth-largest food manufacturer and, with annual revenue of 16.7 billion US dollars, one of the largest groups in the USA in terms of sales.

The task was to produce particularly robust yoghurt cups that would provide excellent handling while seamlessly integrating the brand design into the outer layer of the product. The cooperation was characterized by great trust and technical engagement. The customer is keen to work with IIC on future projects.

Circular economy at IIC

As a producer of 600 million food packaging units annually, we are aware of our ecological responsibility. When developing new packaging concepts, we therefore pay particular attention to the following criteria:






Sustainability at IIC packaging companies

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Reduce – Avoidance

As a packaging supplier, we act according to the principle: “as much as necessary and as little as possible”. This saves resources such as transport, energy, water and the environment

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Redesign – Design

As packaging manufacturer, we develop new and existing packaging with sustainable alternative materials

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Recycle – Recycling

Development of product packaging that is part of a complete material cycle and represents our vision as food packaging companies

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Reuse – Reuse

As a food packaging manufacturer, we develop packaging for reuse and with multiple purposes

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Research – Innovation and Development

Constant development of processes, tools and materials in order to be able to offer customers state-of-the-art technologies and packaging as packaging manufacturer

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Rethink – Information and education

As one of the leading food packaging companies, we optimise together with our customers to produce environmentally friendly packaging. In doing so, as a packaging supplier we keep the sustainable packaging aspects in focus

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Resource-Friendly Packaging

Our resource-conserving food packaging provides a unique appearance and high functionality. By reducing the amount of material used by up to 40 % and a re-cyclability of 100 %, both resources and the environment are protected. The fully printable lid is also made of renewable raw materials .

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