Grass paper packaging

As a resource-saving alternative to conventional paper made from fresh fibres, grass paper is becoming an increasingly important option. As the name suggests, this is paper or cardboard that uses grass as its material base. Less water and electricity are required for the production of grass-based paper because grass by nature has a low lignin content and does not need to be chemically treated. Furthermore, the grass used comes from conservation areas and does not threaten any wildlife habitats. Grass paper can already replace up to 50% of wood fibre and scores points for its considerable CO² savings.

Characteristics of Grass Paper

Grass paper is stable, light, and resistant to bending and has a natural feel due to the grass fibres.

Materials grass paper food packaging

The advantages of grass paper:

short transport routes

conserving resources

individually printable



Our grass papers at a glance:

Materials grass paper food packaging


Due to the reduced proportion of wood fibres and a base of 25% grass fibres, our cartons are very resource-friendly. Due to the low lignin content in the grass, hardly any water and energy is required during production, while CO2 emissions remain low. By making further cut-outs in the packaging, an environmentally friendly, stable and individual food packaging was created here. In addition, the grass carton is completely printable and convinces with its natural feel.

Hybrid tray with grass

By considerably reducing the proportion of plastic and compensating for this with grassboard, it was possible to create a tray that meets all the requirements for food packaging. Due to the plastic, the packaging offers the desired barrier properties and hygienic advantages. At the same time, the cardboard gives it the necessary stability and sufficient surface area for decoration possibilities.

Materials grass paper food packaging

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