Hybrid food Packaging / Desto Packaging

Our hybrid packaging (also called desto packaging) offers the possibility to reduce the plastic content by up to 80% and still guarantee the usual characteristics. The combination of two components offers countless possibilities. The most common combination consists of plastic and hard or grass paper. The combination packaging scores points above all for its resource-saving possibilities and the low costs resulting from the reduced plastic content.

Characteristics of hybrid food packaging:

Due to the countless possible combinations, hybrid packaging can have the desired characteristics. Products can be lightweight, stable, sterile, flexible and can be considered to be the ideal material for food packaging. Barrier properties ensure that food protected, retains its natural flavour and stays fresh longer.

Materials hybrid food packaging

The advantages of hybrid packaging:


countless decoration possibilities

Reduction of plastic content

easy to separate


excellent barrier properties

Our hybrid food packaging at a glance:

Materials hybrid food packaging

Plastic Cardboard Tray

By combining plastic and cardboard, it was possible to create a weight-reduced packaging which nevertheless had the hygienic characteristics and stability of plastic packaging. The proportion of plastic in our tray (see left) was reduced by 80 % and was named one of 20 top innovations in the field of sustainable packaging by the trade magazine Packaging World.

Plastic and Cardboard Tubs

Thanks to the intelligent cut-outs, the proportion of plastic has already been reduced by 40% and product stability has been maintained. The cardboard lid serves as a decorative feature and can be easily removed after use by the end consumer, allowing the cup to be fully recycled. The handle and the resealable lids provide a high degree of functionality. Especially suitable for fruit and vegetables the rresource-saving tub proved to be an excellent food packaging.

Materials hybrid food packaging
Materials hybrid food packaging

Plastic and Grass Paper Tray

As a resource-saving alternative to cardboard, the combination of grass paper and plastic is fully committed to sustainability. By using plastic and grass from surplus cultivation areas, the barrier properties are retained but the packaging can be produced in a more environmentally friendly way. This packaging is particularly suitable for food products, and after separating the two components, they can be 100% recycled.

Other materials

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