Sustainability at IIC

How Do We Define Sustainability?

To produce unique and innovative packaging for food, which is durable, economical and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Wolfgang Walk
CEO IIC Packaging

We Live According to Our Values

Through continuously improving processes, and the reduced use of resources, we drive forward with innovation in the development of the highest quality food packaging .

Founded in Freiburg in 1995 in the heart of the Black Forest, the core values of our business from the start have been that of trust with our customers and consumers alike, along with a positive relationship to the environment.

Fittingly, the headquarters of IIC AG remain in Freiburg, also known as the “Green City”. Known for its sustainability concepts, it is Germany’s most progressive city when it comes to innovation and to environmentally friendly solutions. As the most ‘liveable’ city, there could hardly be a more suitable location for our business.

What Are Our Sustainability Goals


  • We preserve the circular economy
  • Our packaging extends the shelf life of products
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Our ethos demands we offer products that Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 


  • We use sustainable materials
  • Research and development for innovative materials
  • Design of packaging optimised for reduced weight and transport overhead
  • Design for Recycling to meet the requirements of the circular economy
  • Innovative production processes to minimise the use of resources


  • Modern technologies for efficient production
  • Creative and clever solutions to solve our customers’ problems
  • Highest technical knowledge for the benefit of our customers
  • Know-how developed through decades of experience
  • Comprehensive quality management and certification to ensure product safety


Circular Economy at IIC

As a producer of 600 million food packaging items per year, we are acutely aware of our ecological responsibility. When developing new packaging concepts, we therefore pay particular attention to the following criteria:







Reduce – Avoidance

Optimisation of packaging according to the principle: “as much as necessary and as little as possible”. This conserves resources such as transport, energy, water and the environment.


Redesign – Design

Development of new and existing packaging with sustainable alternative materials


Recycle – Recycling

Development of packaging which is part of a holistic material cycle


Reuse – Reuse

Development of packaging for reuse and multiple uses


Research – Innovation and Development

Continuous development of processes, tools and materials to provide customers with state-of-the-art technologies and packaging.


Rethink – Information and Education

Optimisation of packaging according to the principle: “as much as necessary and as little as possible”. This conserves resources such as transport, energy, water and the environment.

Recycling Made Easy


The better the separation of packaging waste, the sooner the packaging can be fed into the correct cycle.

We therefore offer digital watermarks for our food packaging, which are invisibly printed on. This enables the waste sorting systems to recognize the materials and to sort them better, which leads to a significant increase in recycling rates.


Our sustainable innovations

Latest Press Releases


Tray from IIC is among the ‘Top 20’ most sustainable packaging innovations.

Packaging World, 8. June 2020

Our Sustainable and Recyclable Materials

Social Commitment

We are committed globally and take responsibility for our employees, customers and those in need. Social commitment is a central theme in our company.  With the appropriate foresight, we try to look beyond the horizon and offer support where it is needed.

Certified Safety in Every Respect:

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